Ultimate Photography

Auto photography is an art that can be a challenge for even the best photographer. The professional auto photographers at Beechmont Motors capture the youth, art and craftsmanship of your vehicle in a deluxe photography package shot in our professional studio. Whether you simply want to preserve your vehicle’s beauty, or are reaching out to prospective buyers, our photos showcase your vehicle in the best light.

“… our photos showcase your vehicle in the best light.”

You shouldn’t be tricked into believing that your visitors would like imitation backgrounds. Build a real brand in your store by merely showing your clients your store goes to incredible lengths to produce your car or truck photos stand tall and seem real, taken at a showroom studio-like setting. Fake backgrounds in your pictures in a car photo studio may say and do one thing on your inventory photos. You are hiding something. Do not hide behind bogus wallpapers. Eastside Body Shop gets the most exceptional studio grade auto photo-booth solution designed for automotive retailers.

Not only can this solution supply you with the professional looking photos you have been on the lookout for, however, but every photo may also possess your trader’s logo, corporate company, and individuality. Save yourself money time and take more vehicles together with Eastside Body Shop’s new photobooth Studio for auto traders. What exactly your GM and store’s owner do not understand is their photographers or photo services at the merchant are wasting substantial amounts of time shooting poor photos Storing vehicles on horizontal walls, facing the trader or at the front of trees and shrubs.

Car buyers desire to watch professional-quality images. Sure the first photo could appear beautiful, however, the remainder does not –if you don’t proceed the automobile ten days as possible take. Quit moving vehicles, and consistently have a continuing background free from different cars, garbage cans, light rods and people sitting in seats from the showroom. Eastside Body Shop’s brand new photo stall studio for Automotive traders moves around the vehicle 360-degrees –therefore that you never need to. Just distance, vehicles, and also a camera will be required. You might believe that you don’t need enough area, but lets Eastside Body Shop photography designer return to see you personally and walk in your space to explain to you where you ought to put your studio.

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